Sh. Ch. Cambremer Craftsman

(Rocheby Old Smokey x Sh.Ch. Cambremer Call My Bluff)
Hips: 3 - 4 - Elbows: 0 - 0 - Eyes: Clear
D.O.B. 03/09/2005


Res CC Leeds. Judge Erica Jayes
Blackpool 1st Open Dog and CC. Judge Freda Marshall
Bath Res CC Judge Alan Taylor
Craftsman became the kennels 16th British Champion.
Boston CC and BOB under Judges M. Litherland and M. Coddington

Leeds 1st Yearling CC and BOB (J. Nolan B.Rooth) Windsor 1st Yearling dog,CC and BOB (Pat Gill)
Southern Co's Ch Show 1st Graduate dog and Res CC (Per Iveson)
Border Union 1st Yearling dog and Res CC (Elise Nolan)
Crufts - 1st Graduate Dog (M. Rooth)
Three Ridings - 1st Graduate Dog (M. Cox)
Labrador Club Of Scotland - 1st Graduate Dog
And Res C.C. (T. Grant)